The crunchy stables – nuts, seeds and grains

The crunchy stables – nuts, seeds and grains

When I first started this diet I had a very basic food pallet. It wasn’t that I was a bad cook but my diet very much resembled the one, I had grown up with and I wasn’t much for experimenting – not because I didn’t want to but I just didn’t know where to start and since what I ate seemed to work fine there was no reason to change it.

However being on this diet has introduced me to a whole new world of foods and flavours and my kitchen is overflowing with things, that I hadn’t even heard of when I started my FODMAP adventure two years ago. Being a vegetarian is initially hard on a diet that restricts or excludes so many of the typical stables like beans and pulses and it takes a bit of creativity to make sure you cover all vitamins and minerals.

Nuts, seeds and grains are a brilliant source of these so here I’ve made a list of the different types that are stables in my kitchen.


– walnuts
– hazelnuts
– almonds (whole, flaked and grounded)
– pinenuts
– macadamian nuts
– pecan nuts

– sunflower seeds
– pumpkin seeds
– linseeds (golden and brown – whole and grounded)
– poppy seeds
– chia seeds (whole and grounded)

– rice (long grain, balsamic, brown and wild)
– quinoa (whole and flaked)
– buckwheat
– oats
– spelt

– rice (brown and white)
– buckwheat
– spelt (white and wholemeal)
– quinoa
– Dove’s farm bread mix

Of course you don’t need to run out and buy it all as soon as you start the elimination phase but you will notice that as the first couple of weeks have passed and the initial frustration and despair that might come with the diet have been replased with a certain amount of devilish “I can do this” experimentation in the kitchen, your stash will slowly grow along with your confidence and wellbeing!


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